Sample 3-step program: 1-day Workshop with 1-month of diagnostic + 1 month Follow-up

JSK and you assess and prioritize your top 3 Team challenges thru JSK interviews and signature Team Effectiveness Diagnostic. Other clients’ Team challenges included: Having Crucial Conversations; Respecting & Leveraging Different Styles & Strengths; Doing what only I can do (and asking Team members to do X).

JSK designs and co-delivers with you an interactive workshop in which your leaders engage and practice the relevant best-practice model. Team members publicly select and commit to 2 individual new practices. Post Workshop, JSK provides you with 2-3 custom templates to use in Month 1 and 3 to positively motivate ongoing Team engagement.

As one client team member said: “We and our boss kept bringing up the 3 things we said we would do, like cite Who does What by When, so we actually did change the way we work!”


Sample program: 6 sessions over 3 months with Application @ Work

Do you want to strengthen how you motivate and inspire others to achieve results?

Would your frame of mind benefit from adapting your own inner narrative? Be it:

“How can I be more intentional about what I can do/improve and what I cannot?” or

“How can I effectively articulate our Strategy, so my Teams see how their work connects to our goals and their purpose?”

JSK clients decide which 2-3 Goals are most important for them/ their business, and define what would constitute success. All positioned within the context of “How does this improve business outcomes?”

One client who wanted to better role model giving and getting feedback found that: “Once I was more confidant in the how, I was able to make myself “go there”. As the person inevitably responded better than I expected, I learned it was a win-win. Best of all, they have started doing it with their peers as well.”