Would you like to better leverage your Team and their time? Do you need your Teams to Collaborate and Communicate more effectively?” My clients say they and their Teams need to transition from overwhelmed by tasks to aligned on priorities.

After working with JSK, the #1 result Teams say they experience is feeling more productive, with less time wasted. The #2 result they report is the ability to have difficult conversations, such as “Sorry, but I can deliver that by ___”.

Leaders & Results

Do you need to adapt your leadership style to respond to new company challenges or an expanded role? Do you need to learn how to better motivate others who think differently than you? JSK clients say they need to communicate differently in order to engage a broader set of peers and stakeholders.

After working with JSK, Leaders report they are better able to read others, delegate more effectively, and do what only they can do. Together we jointly measure impact of a Leader’s new behaviors via their Team and business outcomes.

We do this by:

  1. Using the art of inquiry and gift of listening to keep learning from others, thereby engaging them and better aligning objectives,

  2. Practice Situational Leadership to better communicate with and motivate others, and

  3. Identify and manage the inner critic, in part to fulfill your true potential

Relevant BUSINESS experience

Grew a 30MM Euro business, advised Fortune 500s for 20 yrs+ and co-founded 3 start-ups.